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TitleCountryState/ProvinceCityOther AddressSecurity LevelIncident DateSummaryResponsible
Actor Name
Actor Category
Religion of Victim(s)Actions
Attack on image of San Lorenzo de Tarapacá Chile TarapacáIquique Public2018-05-08Unknown persons damaged the image of San Lorenzo d...Delinquents Organized crimeChristian (not specified)
Religious images destroyed and tabernacle attacked in chapel in ChileChile MauleLinares Public2018-01-26The Maria Auxiliadora chapel was profaned, the tab...VandalsIdeological pressure groupsChristian (not specified)
Sacred Heart of Jesus church attackedChile Region MetropolitanaLo Espejo Public2018-01-22An unknown number of individuals threw at least se...Unknown offerndersUnknownChristian (not specified)
Fire completely destroys church in PanguipulliChile *Other Address*Other Address Province of Valdivia, in the Region of the Rivers.Public2018-01-20A fire completely destroyed the Church of the Virg...Unknown offerndersUnknownChristian (not specified)
Church of Puente Alto suffered arson attack Chile Region MetropolitanaPuente Alto Public2018-01-16The "Mother of Divine Providence" church suffered ...Unknown offerndersViolent religious groupsChristian (not specified)
Two churches set on fire in CuncoChile AraucaníaCunco Sector of Lagunillas and Río NegroPublic2018-01-16The two Catholic churches were totally consumed by...Unknown offerndersUnknownChristian (not specified)
Attempted vandalism in "Cristo Pobre" SanctuaryChile Region MetropolitanaSantiago Public2018-01-12The police neutralized an apparently fuel-laden dr...Unknown offerndersNormal citizensChristian (not specified)
Emanuel chapel vandalized Chile Region MetropolitanaRecoleta Public2018-01-12Strangers threw a bomb that exploded and ripped th...Unknown offerndersUnknownChristian (not specified)
Church Santa Isabel of Hungary vandalizedChile *Other Address*Other Address Estación central Public2018-01-12Unknown people threw a cloth impregnated with fuel...Probably Mapuches or sympathizers of the MapuchesUnknownChristian (not specified)
Emanuel chapel vandalized Chile Region MetropolitanaRecoleta Public2018-01-12Strangers threw a bomb that exploded and ripped th...Unknown offerndersUnknownChristian (not specified)
Chapel "Cristo Vencedor" vandalizedChile Region MetropolitanaPeñalolén Public2018-01-12Strangers blew up a bomb that caused not so seriou...Unknown offerndersUnknownChristian (not specified)
Evangelical Churches Speaker Death ThreatenedChile *Other Address*Other Address Non specifiedPublic2017-12-12The national director of communications of the Nat...Unknown people UnknownChristian (not specified)
Christians attacked by radical MapuchesChile AraucaníaErcilla Public2017-11-10Four armed hooded men forced the passengers and th...Radical mapuchesEthnic group leadersChristian (not specified)
Christian tombs desecratedChile *Other Address*Other Address Non-specifiedPublic2017-11-0110 Christian tombs were attacked in a Christian ce...Unknown people UnknownChristian (not specified)
Three churches burned in Mapuche areasChile AraucaníaPúa VictoriaPublic2017-09-20Two Catholic Churches of Púa sector, in the commu...UnknownUnknownChristian (not specified)
Priest is attackedChile AraucaníaTemuco Public2017-09-07A Mapuche mob burst into the Cathedral of Temuco a...Mapuche mobEthnic group leadersChristian (not specified)
Church of National Gratitude damagedChile *Other Address*Other Address Santiago de ChilePublic2017-08-22Hooded men threw incendiary bombs at a police vehi...Demonstrators Violent religious groupsChristian (not specified)
Image of Christ mutilated and thrown in the garbage Chile AtacamaCopiapó Public2017-08-21In the Sanctuary of the Candelaria church, the ima...Young citizensViolent religious groupsChristian (not specified)
Churches targeted in Mapuche communitiesChile AraucaníaErcilla Public2017-06-06A Catholic church in the indigenous Mapuche commun...Suspected Mapuche militantsUnknownChristian (not specified)
LGBTI community accuses bishop of violating human rightsChile Magallanes y de la Antártica ChilenaPunta Arenas Public2017-06-04The Movement for Homosexual Integration and Libera...Lgbt groupViolent religious groupsChristian (not specified)