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TitleCountryState/ProvinceCityOther AddressSecurity LevelIncident DateSummaryResponsible
Actor Name
Actor Category
Religion of Victim(s)Actions
Antofagasta Cathedral vandalizedChile AntofagastaAntofagasta Public2020-11-26During the International Day of the Elimination of...Radical feministsIdeological pressure groupsChristian (Catholic)
Evangelical church burned down in VictoriaChile AraucaníaVictoria Public2020-11-14An Evangelical church was set on fire and burned d...Radical MapuchesEthnic group leadersChristian (Protestant)
Multiple churches damaged and burned after protests in ChileChile *Other Address*Other Address Santiago, La serena, El TaboPublic2020-10-19Violent groups entered the Church of Franciso de B...ProtestorsIdeological pressure groupsChristian (Catholic)
Carabineros and military beat an evangelical pastor in SantiagoChile Region MetropolitanaSantiago Public2020-08-25A group of Christians gathered in a square to pray...State agents Government officialsChristian (Protestant)
San Francisco de Alameda Church and the National Gratitude Church vandalizedChile Region MetropolitanaSantiago Public2020-03-08Christian temples were vandalized during the march...Radical feminsit groupsIdeological pressure groupsChristian (Catholic)
Church of the Holy Guardian Angels vandalizedChile Region MetropolitanaSantiago Public2020-02-28The church of the Holy Guardian Angels was vandali...Anti-clergical personsUnknownChristian (Catholic)
Pastor Marcos Morales received threatsChile *Other Address*Other Address Santiago de ChilePublic2020-02-14Evangelical pastor Marcos Morales was a guest in a...UnknownUnknownChristian (Protestant)
Temple of the Presbyterian College of Antofagasta, vandalizedChile AntofagastaAntofagasta Public2020-02-04A group of hooded men broke the entrance of the te...MobsNormal citizensChristian (Catholic)
San Francisco de Ancud church suffered arson attackChile Los Lagos*Other Address ChiloéPublic2020-01-22A 24-year-old girl was arrested for being responsi...Intolerant citizensNormal citizensChristian (Catholic)
San Franciso de Borja church was set on fireChile Region MetropolitanaSantiago Public2020-01-03In a new day of demonstrations, the San Francisco ...MobsNormal citizensChristian (not specified)
Basilica Heart of Mary, desecratedChile AntofagastaAntofagasta Public2019-12-19The Basilica Heart of Mary was attacked for a grou...MobsNormal citizensChristian (not specified)
The San Antonio de Padua Parish, vandalizedChile Region MetropolitanaSantiago Public2019-12-07The parish of San Antonio de Padua was the target ...DelinquentsUnknownChristian (not specified)
Puerto Montt Cathedral attacked during protestsChile Los LagosPuerto Montt Public2019-11-14Protesters ransacked the cathedral of Puerto Montt...MobsNormal citizensChristian (not specified)
San Francisco de Valdivia Temple desecratedChile *Other Address*Other Address ValdiviaPublic2019-11-12In the framework of a new day of protests in Chile...MobsNormal citizensChristian (not specified)
Parish of Veracruz was set on fireChile Region MetropolitanaSantiago Public2019-11-12The Church of Veracruz, a historical monument of C...MobsNormal citizensChristian (not specified)
Santa Maria de los Angeles Parish vandalizedChile ValparaísoReñaca Viña del MarPublic2019-11-10While a demonstration was taking place in Viña de...MobsNormal citizensChristian (not specified)
Central House of the Catholic University was attackedChile Region MetropolitanaSantiago Public2019-11-04A group of people set fire to one of the entrances...MobsNormal citizensChristian (not specified)
Violence against churches Chile MauleTalca Public2019-11-01The temple of the Mary Help of Christians Shrine i...Intolerant citizensNormal citizensChristian (not specified)
Intolerant citizens attack churchesChile Region MetropolitanaCiudadSantiago Public2019-11-01The Asunción parish in Santiago, whose pastor is ...Intolerant citizensNormal citizensChristian (not specified)
Christian and Missionary Alliance Church (ACyM) attackedChile AraucaníaVictoria Public2019-10-29The Christian and Missionary Alliance Church (ACyM...Intolerant citizensNormal citizensChristian (not specified)