Incident: Priest Gerónimo Sifontes arbitrarily detained

General Information
Title: Priest Gerónimo Sifontes arbitrarily detained
Country: Venezuela
State/Province: Monagas
City: Maturín
Other Address:
Date of Incident: 2020-04-08
Security Level: Public
The priest Gerónimo Sifontes, pastor of the Santo Domingo de Guzmán church in Maturín organized the departure of the Nazarene in his vehicle. Sifontes said that when a neighbor saw that they placed the altar with a torn flag, she was upset with the priest and reported it to the Defense Operational Zone (Zodi). Officers brought the priest to GNB Zone 51 Command. He was detained for 3 hours.
Nature of Incidents
Killings: 0
(Attempts) to destroy, vandalize or desecrate places of worship or religious buildings: 0
Closed places of worship or religious buildings: 0
Arrests/detentions: 1
Sentences: 0
Abductions: 0
Sexual assaults/harassment: 0
Forced marriages: 0
Other forms of attack (physical or mental abuse) 0
Attacked houses/property of faith adherents: 0
Attacked shops, businesses or institutions of faith adherents: 0
Forced to leave home: 0
Forced to leave country: 0
Non-physical violence : 0
Responsible Actor Category
Responsible Actor Name: Defense Operational Zone (Zodi)
Responsible actor category: Government officials
Religion of Victim(s)
Religion of victim(s): Christian (Catholic)
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Name: Priest Gerónimo Sifontes: I spent three hours in the GNB waiting for the commander