Incident: The San Antonio de Padua Parish, vandalized

General Information
Title: The San Antonio de Padua Parish, vandalized
Country: Chile
State/Province: Region Metropolitana
City: Santiago
Other Address:
Date of Incident: 2019-12-07
Security Level: Public
The parish of San Antonio de Padua was the target of vandals, which invaded the premises and stole musical equipment, notebooks, microphones and liturgical ornaments, such as books, chalice, and keys of the 2 tabernacles. On top of that, a relic of the Holy Father Pio de Pietrelcina disappeared.
Nature of Incidents
Killings: 0
(Attempts) to destroy, vandalize or desecrate places of worship or religious buildings: 1
Closed places of worship or religious buildings: 0
Arrests/detentions: 0
Sentences: 0
Abductions: 0
Sexual assaults/harassment: 0
Forced marriages: 0
Other forms of attack (physical or mental abuse) 0
Attacked houses/property of faith adherents: 0
Attacked shops, businesses or institutions of faith adherents: 0
Forced to leave home: 0
Forced to leave country: 0
Non-physical violence : 0
Responsible Actor Category
Responsible Actor Name: Delinquents
Responsible actor category: Unknown
Religion of Victim(s)
Religion of victim(s): Christian (not specified)
Additional Information
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Name: Two new churches, desecration targets in Chile